Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science

Independent Advice & Casework

Members of the NUCFS have considerable experience of forensic case work for both prosecution and defence having given expert reports, Crown Prosecution Service statements and expert evidence in the Crown Courts and the Court of Appeal in the United Kingdom, as well as in international jurisdictions.

Forensic DNA analysis

We are particularly well placed to accept defence instructions requiring scrutiny of prosecution evidence in forensic DNA profiling, including where contamination or innocent transfer of DNA is in issue. We have assisted HM Coroners in a number of human identification cases involving low-template DNA profiling from skeletal material.

Forensic fibre analysis

We have experience in the analysis and interpretation of fibres in the investigation of homicide, sexual assault and other major crimes.

Facial identification from CCTV and other images sources

We are able to assist with facial identification—so called ‘facial mapping’ cases—and have contributed to police investigations and accepted prosecution and defence instructions. Our evidence is supported by research in face shape variation in large biometric databases.

Forensic archaeology and anthropology

We offer case experience in forensic archaeology and forensic anthropology; and can offer a preliminary assessment of the species of skeletal remains from good quality digital photographs.

Forensic facial reconstruction

We have assisted a number of police services in forensic facial reconstruction from the skull and have contributed to securing identification in cases where other avenues had proved unsuccessful.

For further information, please contact:

Professor Martin Evison, Director
Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science

Tel: +44 191 243 7631