Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science

Genetic structure of nomadic Bedouin from Kuwait

T. Mohammad, Y. Xue, M.P.Evison & C. Tyler-Smith. Heredity, 103, pp. 425-433. (2009),


Bedouin are traditionally nomadic inhabitants of the Persian Gulf who claim descent from two male lineages: Adnani and Qahtani. We have investigated whether or not this tradition is reflected in the current genetic structure of a sample of 153 Bedouin males from six Kuwaiti tribes, including three tribes from each traditional lineage. Volunteers were genotyped using a panel of autosomal and Y-STRs, and Y-SNPs. The samples clustered with their geographical neighbours in both the autosomal and Y-chromosomal analyses, and showed strong evidence of genetic isolation and drift. Although there was no evidence of segregation into the two male lineages, other aspects of genetic structure were in accord with tradition.

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