Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science

Utility in Forensic Anthropology: Findings Contributing to Case Conversion

M.P. Evison, R.A. Francisco & M.A. Guimarãe. Forensic Science Policy & Managament, 3(3), pp. 113-125. (2013)


In Approaching Utility in Forensic Anthropology, Evison, Francisco, and Guimarães (2012) propose an attrition model for the study of the impact of forensic anthropology in the justice system and consider wider implications for crime prevention and public health and safety. In this short supplementary article, brief illustrations of case findings are offered to demonstrate their significance in case progression—or conversions—in the investigative and prosecutorial process. The examples, it is suggested, support the specific arguments for improved communication and integration, feedback on evidential reliability, and tailoring of research and education to reflect caseload proposed via the attrition model, as well as policy advances that would improve efficacy in public health and safety.

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