Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science

Year: 2011

Biometrics in forensics

M.P. Evison “Biometrics in forensics”, in H.C.A. van Tilorg & S. Jajodia (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Cryptography & Security (2nd Ed.), New York, Springer. (2011).

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The free-market can cause the downfall of the forensic institute

V. Toom. “Het forensisch instituut kan aan marktwerking kapot gaan” NRC Handelsblad, Rotterdam. Opinion: 8 Feb. 2011

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No innocents in forensic DNA

V. ToomStraits Times, Singapore. Review: 20 Oct. 2011

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Science policy as discourse. The governance of nanotechnology in the United Kingdom

M. Wienroth & M. Kearnes. “Science policy as discourse. The governance of nanotechnology in the United Kingdom” in Fiedeler et al. (eds.), Understanding Nanotechnology: Philosophy, Policy and Publics, Heidelberg: AKA, 101–121. (2011).

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Always engage. Quantum entanglements, molecular affairs

C. Milburn, C. Coenen, A. Ferrari, U. Fiedeler, M. Wienroth & T. Zülsdorf. “Always engage. Quantum entanglements, molecular affairs”, in Quantum Engagements: Social Reflections of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies, Heidelberg: AKA Verlag, 1-12. (2011).

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Carriers of Truth: Twenty Years of DNA Profiling in the Netherlands

V. Toom. “Dragers van Waarheid: Twintig Jaar Forenisch DNA-onderzoek in Nederland”. Deventer: Kluwer Press. (2011).

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More precaution for forensic DNA in criminal investigations

A. M’charek & V. Toom. “Meer voorzorg bij DNA-onderzoek” Tijdschrift voor de Politie, 73: 30-33. [in Dutch]. (2011).

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